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Pascal's Triangle can be used to generate artistic geometric patterns. To do so, choose a remainder. For each number in the triangle, shade that number a different colour for each different remainder. The applet below allows you to try this. For best results, use a modulus between 2 and 16.

Sorry, your browser does not appear to have support either for HTML5 canvas drawing or for Java applets.

To try a different modulus, enter the modulus in the text box, either below or above the display on the left.

Technical note: One of two versions will load on the left: An HTML5 canvas version for modern browers, or a Java-based applet for older browsers that support Java.

View source code for Java applet

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Try this applet for a few different moduli and see if you notice any interesting patterns in the designs. For example, the designs produced by prime numbers are simpler than those produced by composite numbers.

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