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Here is a list of the 25 most popular pages at Math Lair. This list is updated from time to time; the ranking is current as of the date at the bottom of the page. If two or more popular pages are very similar and closely related, only one of them is listed below.

  1. Lateral Thinking Puzzles
  2. One-Dollar Words
  3. Paradoxes
  4. Numbers in Different Languages
  5. Tic-tac-toe
  6. Calculation Shortcuts
  7. Divisibility Tests
  8. Solutions for 2013 SAT Practice Test, section 6
  9. The Pythagorean Proposition by Elisha Scott Loomis
  10. Mathematical Fallacies
  11. Greek Ionic Numerals
  12. Pillow-Problems by Charles L. Dodgson (Lewis Carroll)
  13. Wason's Four-Card Task
  14. Uses of Numbers
  15. How Many Numbers Are There?
  16. The Metric System - SI Prefixes
  17. St. Ives Riddle
  18. Amicable Numbers
  19. Egyptian Mathematics
  20. Puzzles and Problems
  21. Greek Attic Numerals
  22. Water Jug Problem
  23. The Spider and the Fly
  24. Recreational Mathematics
  25. Relevance Fallacies