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125 Lateral Thinking Puzzles, my fifth book, is a book containing a selection of lateral thinking puzzles—puzzles, often based on realistic scenarios, that feature a situation that appears bizarre but has a simple explanation; the solver's task is to find that explanation. The 125 puzzles in the book are of various difficulties. In general, the puzzles are not ordered according to difficulty. Around 20% of the puzzles in this book are original to this volume; there are also several problems that represent new twists on old lateral thinking problems, as well as several classic problems.

While lateral thinking puzzles are often solved in groups, the book also aims to ensure that the puzzles are accessible to people solving them on their own. To this end, two hints are provided (in a separate "Hints" section) for each puzzle. As well, I've omitted lateral thinking puzzles that are so vague that it would be impossible to determine the correct answer without a large amount of questioning.

The book includes answers for each of the 125 puzzles in the book, including full explanations where necessary. Answers are linked from the corresponding questions and hints, so no flipping around in the book is required.