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In ancient India, the Sanskrit language had names for numbers much larger than those found in ancient Greek (excepting those used in the work of Archimedes) or Latin. Historically, this series of names for large numbers was based on a centesimal scale, with a new name for each power of 10². For more information, see "Numeral Terminology" in History of Hindu Mathematics. This scale, and in particular the names lakh and crore, has found its way into Indian English. Here are some names for big numbers in Indian English:
105Lakh or Lac
109Arab or Arawb
1011Kharab or Kharawb

It's also worth noting that, when writing numerals in Indian English, separators are used every two digits (excluding the last three digits), instead of every three digits as in North America. For example, the number 987,654,321 would be written 98,76,54,321 in India.

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