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Calculator Games by Michael Donner (Golden Press, 1977) is a colourfully-illustrated book for kids. It starts with a brief introduction on "how to work your calculator" (which may be a bit out-of-date now as technology has progressed), and then follows seventeen games that relate to arithmetic that can be performed on a calculator (although some could be done without calculators).

The games in the book span a wide range. There are some board game type amusements, a quiz, calculator spelling, various arithmetic tricks, but also some more involved recreations (including loops such as the 3n + 1 one).

The book is well-written for younger users and should be comprehensible to anyone who has a basic understanding of the four basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and has a calculator (although some of the puzzles do require some thought!), so around grade 4 or so. Some games are appropriate for younger readers though. Overall a good book with a nice mix of recreations.

Rating: 9/10