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The book History of Hindu Mathematics: A Source Book by Bibhutibhusan Datta (1888–1958) and Avadhesh Narayan Singh (1901–1954) is a two-part history of mathematics in India. The two parts were published individually in 1935 and 1938 and in a single volume in 1962.

The first chapter of the first book discusses numeral notation, including the place-value system, zero, and Hindu-Arabic numerals in Arabia and Europe. The second chapter discusses basic arithmetic, squares, cubes, roots, fractions, and interest. The second book discusses algebra, including symbols, equations such as linear, quadratic, cubic and biquadratic equations, simultaneous quadratic equations, Diophantine equations (both linear and quadratic), rational triangles and quadrilaterals, and more.

This book is in the public domain in Canada and I have reproduced several chapters from it, as follows:

Book 1, Chapter I

Book 1, Chapter II