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Here are the answers to the lateral thinking puzzles page.

  1. He threw the ball straight up in the air, and it fell back down.
  2. "Switch horses!"
  3. He dropped the egg three feet above the floor. The egg fell two feet without breaking.
  4. The man was crossing a railway bridge. He ran ten feet forward to finish crossing the bridge, and then lept off.
  5. The man was buying house numbers.
  6. Freeze one or both jugs, cut the plastic jug(s) off of the ice, and place the contents of the jugs in the barrel.
  7. Turn two of the switches on for five minutes; then turn one of the switches off and head upstairs. Feel the two bulbs that are switched off; the one that is warm is the one that was just switched off.
  8. You can't dig half a hole.
  9. Pick a coin from the bag labelled "nickels and dimes." If it is a nickel, that bag must contain nickels only, the bag labelled "dimes" must contain both nickels and dimes, and the "nickels" bag must contain dimes. If the coin is a dime, the "nickels" bag must contain nickels and dimes, and the "dimes" bag must contain nickels.
  10. The boy's grandmother was a famous person, and the boy was able to sell the letter. This actually happened with one of the grandsons of Queen Victoria, who sold the letter for £5, a lot of money at the time.

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