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Here are the answers to Lateral Thinking Puzzles #3.

  1. The man is on the ocean floor. The ship that he was in capsized. He tried to save his valuables, but, laden down with gold, he drowned and his body sank to the bottom.
  2. The river was only a few inches deep, so the army waded across.
  3. John was on foot. He boarded the bus that David was driving and both reached the Mall at the same time.
  4. Two. First, put three coins on each side of the balance. If either side is lighter, then that side contains the coin. Otherwise, the counterfeit coin is one of the three not weighed. Either way, you have narrowed it down to one of three. Take two of those coins and weigh them against each other. If either side is lighter, then that coin is counterfeit. Otherwise, the coin not weighed is counterfeit.
  5. Smith went 9 for 12, while Jones went 7 for 8. We could look at Smith's performance as going 7 for 8, and then 2 for 4. Now, if both batters were hitting .332, they must have had at least 184 at-bats, so going 7 for 8 would still leave both well under .500. So, Smith's additional 2 hits in 4 at-bats would increase his batting average above Jones'.
  6. One person was the father of one of the other people on the boat and the son of the third.
  7. The woman is a justice of the peace. She married the men to other women, not to herself.
  8. When you open a book, the left-hand number is always even, and the right-hand number is odd. So, an item can't be found between pages 75 and 76, because page 76 is on the opposite side of page 75.
  9. Have one child cut the cake and the other child choose which piece to take.
  10. It is still daylight outside.