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Here are some hints for Lateral Thinking Puzzles #1. The numbers below correspond to the question number.

  1. Think about which direction Dan might have thrown the ball.
  2. Read the king's rules for the race very carefully.
  3. This isn't a magic trick, and there's nothing special about the egg.
  4. The man's actions were the safest course of action for him.
  5. Consider whether one, twenty-eight and one hundred fifty two must be the quantities purchased, or whether they might be something else.
  6. Note that the jugs are plastic, so you can cut the jugs.
  7. You can assume that the bulbs are incandescent bulbs.
  8. This is a bit of a trick question.
  9. Is there one bag which, if you select one coin from it, you can tell what it is?
  10. Perhaps the boy was happy to receive any type of letter from her, but why?

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