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Here are some hints for Lateral Thinking Puzzles #2. The numbers below correspond to the question number.

  1. It doesn't say anywhere in the question that "her coffee" and "her cup" refer to the same thing.
  2. Where is this incident taking place?
  3. The man isn't a good shot blindfolded, but this wasn't luck either.
  4. You can change the contents of some of the glasses without moving them...
  5. Think about what the bus schedule for this stop might look like.
  6. What is the other end of the rope tied to?
  7. If you unexpectedly dipped your hand into a bucket of cold water, it would probably give you a bit of a shock. But why would the man want that?
  8. The clerk has seen the man before in his job as a clerk at a travel agency.
  9. Challenge your assumptions about who Chico is.
  10. The person's occupation is "taxi driver."

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