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Here are some hints for Lateral Thinking Puzzles #3. The numbers below correspond to the question number.

  1. Think about what kind of floor this might have been.
  2. If you know your American Civil War history, the general in this puzzle did the opposite of what General Burnside did at the Battle of Antietam.
  3. How did John end the trip?
  4. For each weighing, you may have multiple coins on each side of the balance.
  5. How many at-bats did each player have in the last two games?
  6. There were only three people on the boat, but how can you make that consistent with the first sentence?
  7. What could the word "married" mean?
  8. The woman knows something about books that isn't obvious, but what?
  9. No hint here; this is a pretty classic way of dividing anything up.
  10. What time of day is it?

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