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Here are some hints for Lateral Thinking Puzzles #4. The numbers below correspond to the question number.

  1. In which direction was the man heading when he was approaching the middle of the field?
  2. Think symmetry.
  3. All of the clocks were in working order when Fred originally set them.
  4. What assumptions are you making about the other three poker players?
  5. There is a better strategy than complaining about the contents of the bag.
  6. Thinking about the way in which the engraving was delivered may provide you with insight.
  7. If luggage can be four feet long, it could also be four feet wide.
  8. You would have to put one of the boards on top of the other. But how can you do it without the boards toppling over?
  9. Drawing a diagram might help.
  10. This is probably the most famous lateral thinking puzzle ever. No further hints are required.

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