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  1. Convert the following to decimal fractions:
    a. 50% b. 2000% c. 0.01% d. 1% e. 100%
  2. In a certain jurisdiction, the sales tax is 15%. What percentage discount must be taken prior to calculating the tax in order to make the price of that item with tax equal to the original price of the item without tax?
  3. Every day, Joe travels from Point A to Point B and from there to Point C. The two "trips" take the same amount of time. One day Joe is stuck in front of a tractor and his average speed from Point A to Point B is only 50% of his usual average. What percentage of his usual speed must he go between Point B and Point C so that the total time for the two trips is the same as usual?
  4. Mr. Smith sold two hammers at $2.00 each. Based on how much the hammers cost him, the profit on one was 10% and the loss on the other was 10%. Did he gain/lose/break even and by how much?
  5. A baseball team has won 50 games out of 75 played and has 45 games still to play. How many of the remaining games must it win in order that its percentage of games won for the entire season is 60%?
  6. Mr. Afton has an income which is five-eighths of Miss Benson's. Mr. Afton's expenses are one-half those of Miss Benson, and Mr. Afton saves 40% of his income. What percentage of her income does Miss Benson save?
  7. You work at the Shady Ad Agency. Switch the bases for the following legitimate ads so that they "look better":
    a. 50% off b. 20% off