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Succeeding in SAT Math: How to Ace the Mathematics Section of the SAT is my second book. This book discusses the mathematics section of the SAT and how to do well writing it. This book looks at success in SAT math as a skill that you can improve with practice.

SAT math, while it uses the same concepts that are taught in math class, is a fair bit different from the types of questions that you might normally see in math class. After all, the SAT is trying to test your reasoning and critical thinking skills more than your skills in specific mathematical content. So, success in math class doesn't necessarily guarantee a good score in mathematics when writing the SAT, nor does failure necessarily mean a poor score. However, if you learn about the types of questions that you might see on the SAT and how to solve them, then you can improve your chances of success.

This book starts by discussing some of the major differences between a class test and the SAT and then briefly describes the format of the SAT. The next two chapters discuss several strategies for solving problems; one chapter discusses strategies that are more general and could be used anywhere, while the other discusses strategies more appropriate to multiple-choice tests such as the SAT, such as guess and check, estimation, and the like. Following that, there is a discussion of mathematical content. This chapter is not thorough, and aims only to cover the sorts of concepts seen frequently on the SAT. The next chapter discusses mental arithmetic. After all, the SAT is written at a fast pace, and being able to calculate quickly in your head can save you time. The final two chapters cover studying for the SAT, and how to approach the day of the test.