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If you've played my game Trading Post, this puzzle is related.

You have the following items:

[Can of Beans][Can of Beans][Can of Beans] [Horseshoe] [Cowboy Hat][Cowboy Hat]

You are allowed to make any of the following trades:
Available Trades
Trade inReceive
[Can of Beans][Horseshoe][Cowboy Hat]
[Cowboy Hat][Cowboy Hat][Cowboy Hat][Horseshoe][Can of Beans][Can of Beans]
[Can of Beans][Horseshoe][Horseshoe][Cowboy Hat][Cowboy Hat]

By making any combination of the three trades above, can you (and, if so, how can you) get exactly the following, with no extra items?

[Horseshoe][Cowboy Hat][Cowboy Hat][Cowboy Hat][Cowboy Hat]

The answer is on the answers page.