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Math Lair is divided into eleven sections. These sections are as follows:

Pages that treat a topic related to mathematics (or occasionally another subject area). This is the largest section of the site.
Mathematics History
This section contains timelines and brief descriptions of the mathematical accomplishments of various historical cultures.
Puzzles and Problems
This section contains a selection of original and classic puzzles and problems. Some require no mathematical skill, while others are more involved.
Pages that discuss the lives and accomplishments of famous mathematicians.
Interactive Content
Pages that interact with the user. Most of these were originally written in Java, although I'm slowly rewriting them to use standard DHTML.
Source Material
Out-of-copyright mathematical works of interest.
Book Reviews
My reviews of mathematical books.
A selection of worksheets on a wide assortment of topics.
Test Preparation
Material to help prepare for mathematics on tests such as the SAT and ACT.
Other Stuff
Administrative and other pages that don't fit into the above categories.