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Note: Some of the content on this page was written in 1999 and may no longer reflect how I currently create new content.

What Does "Math Lair" Mean?

Why did I call this site "Math Lair?" I don't remember exactly. When I created the site in 1999, I was quite interested in medieval stuff at the time (hence some of this site's decor, such as the dragon logo) but I don't remember exactly why I chose this name for the site. I wouldn't choose this name if I were naming the site now, but that's been the name of the site since 1999, so I feel I have to leave it like that.


Most content is related to number theory, logic, or recreational mathematics, although there are exceptions (you may find some science- and philosophy-related content that's only tangentially related to mathematics). For a list of all (or at least most) pages, see the table of contents.

The site is arranged into 10 sections:

Topics, Mathematics History, Puzzles and Problems, Mathematicians, Interactive Content, Source Material, Book Reviews, Worksheets, Test Preparation, My Books, and Other Stuff. For more information on what these sections contains, see Sections.

For definitions of some mathematical terms, see my glossary (which is incomplete though).

If you have suggestions, corrections, questions, sites you think it would be useful for me to link to, either on one of my content pages or my math links page, or anything else, please contact me, either by e-mailing mathlair@allfunandgames.ca or through the Contact Me page.

Viewing This Site

I hope that this site is at least readable on all browsers. If any of the pages look horrible, please contact me to let me know. Note that I've rendered the headings in Goudy Medieval font. If you can use TrueType fonts on your computer, you may want to download it.

I've rendered exponents in various ways, depending on when I wrote the page. My latest try is as follows, so "ten to the power of twenty" is rendered as 10^20. There's a small image between the base and the exponent with alternate text of "^". The intent is that it should render fairly well even on browsers that don't support superscript.


James Yolkowski.

Contacting the Author

See Contact Me.


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